Our 2022 Panel Talks and Ask The Experts

Capital Ward Candidates Talk Climate with CAFES Angela Keller-Herzog

Join Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability (CAFES) Executive Director Angela Keller-Herzog as she talks with two of the candidates running for City Council from the Capital Ward. Joining Angela will be incumbent councilor Shawn Menard along with candidate Dr. Rebecca Bromwich. Hear first hand each candidate’s stance on important climate issues that will shape Ottawa for years to come. How will Ottawa transition to a Net Zero city and what is the City Council doing to get us there? Angela will ask the tough questions and stick around for your chance to ask each candidate questions during the Q & A session at the end. Don’t miss this informative and important panel to start the day on the Sustainable stage.   

Future Homes Ottawa: Towards Net Zero Housing in Canada’s Capital and Beyond

Future Homes Ottawa is a pilot program led by EnviroCentre in partnership with the Ottawa Energy Collective and funded by the Ottawa Climate Action Fund. It aims to mobilize community participation in the kind of deep energy retrofits our city needs to transform our neighborhoods into the low-emissions, resilient, climate-proofed communities of the future. The project brings together Ottawa’s leading experts in home energy efficiency and community engagement to test and develop strategies custom-designed for Ottawa homes, residents and communities. Focused on two neighborhoods, Future Homes Ottawa has been working with Homeowners encouraging the adoption of deep energy retrofits. During the panel we will hear from Ben Perry, a Home Performance Specialist at EnviroCentre. Ben will be joined by Gabriela Warrior Rernaud who is undergoing energy efficient retrofits as part of the Future Homes program. If you’re considering an energy efficient home retrofit, don’t miss this panel.

Living the EV Experience with the EVCO & EnviroCentre

Join the Electric Vehicle Council’s (EVCO) Raymond Leury and Cristen Fidler along with The City of Ottawa’s Mitchell House and EnviroCentre’s Felicity Borgal as they discuss Living the EV Experience. The EV Experience is a revolutionary new program that launched in the Ottawa area this past spring. Helping to promote the transition to carbon-free commuting, the program has allowed Ottawa drivers to experience the thrill of driving an EV. During the panel you will learn about everything from EV charging, makes and models, range, EV maintenance, what to look for when buying an EV, and what’s available on the market. The panelists will also discuss other E mobility options like E bikes and E scooters which are all the rage. Be sure to stick around for the Q & A session at the end to get all your EV and E mobility questions answered.

Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Future in Canada: A time 4 Action Panel Discussion — Macro Solutions and Macro Problems; and an Inspiring Hands-On International Initiative

SMARTNet Alliance and its members appropriately focus on individual actions Canadians can take to make a difference to their personal carbon footprint. At the same time, a sea change has to happen in Canada at the macroeconomic scale if we are to meet our Paris decarbonization targets. Ken Johnson will provide an overview of a vision for decarbonization in Canada, the challenges and opportunities for cutting our collective carbon footprint at the macro scale. Gordon Laxer will then talk about his recent ground-breaking research into who owns and who profits from Canada’s oil and gas industry. This industry is currently responsible for 26% of Canada’s carbon footprint and that percentage is rising. You may be surprised at the results for this “Canadian” Industry. Finally, on a topic few Canadians have probably ever given serious thought to, Tom Clarke will discuss the carbon footprint and health challenges of cooking over open fires – important because it is something about 3 1/2 billion people around the world do everyday — and his work to address this important carbon issue. Tom’s group has been doing fantastic work in Guatemala building masonry stoves there over the last two decades.

Ask the Expert Sessions

Becoming More Resilient with Solar with Demand Renewable’s Phil McNee

Join Demand Renewable’s Phil McNee’s expert session on Solar. Phil will be discussing the ins and outs of installing solar in your home including integration with electric vehicles, hot water and more. Phil is a senior citizen in the solar market and is extremely passionate about climate change. With the weather events that happened in Canada and around the world last year, Phil welcomes the opportunity to discuss ways that you can help reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your family safe and online during extreme weather events like the Derecho in May. There’s a lot of misconceptions surrounding what solar can and can’t do. This is an opportunity to have your questions and concerns answered by an industry.. 

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The Future of Housing: 2030 and Beyond with Gary Sharp

Gary’s presentation will answer this question: What will our homes look like in 2030 and beyond? His presentation begins with a brief explanation of how Building Codes are created in Canada and how they function. Gary will then explore some of the recent changes in the current Building Code and how these changes set into motion a series of improvements to the national housing market that will take place over the next decade. He will highlight why these changes were made and what that means to the future of Canada’s housing stock. He will examine what some of Canada’s leading-edge builders are doing today to prepare for 2030 and then take a deep dive on the types of homes he expects to see. Gary will conclude his presentation with a snapshot of his company Air Tight Home Technologies, which uses Aerobarrier. He will detail how this unique technology fits into building a homie and renovating it too. This will be a great opportunity to talk with someone who has spent most of his career on the leading edge of housing technology. Following Gary’s presentation there will be time for some audience questions.

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Understanding Heat Pumps with Dan Vivian

Heat pumps are all the rage and will be a serious tool in the battle against climate change. Technological advances have allowed heat pumps to be installed in cold weather climates like Canada and have represented serious payback not only in folks’ carbon budget but also their pocketbook. Join Dan Vivian from the Building Science Trust as he explains the ins and outs of heat pumps, what you need to consider before installing one and how when combined with air conditioning considerations they can be a wiser choice than natural gas furnaces.

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Going Deep on Energy Retrofits with REA Stephen Magneron

Stephen Magneron is a Registered Energy Advisor and longtime advocate of Net Zero living. In this presentation Stephen will outline the upgrades identified in a typical Recommended Upgrade Report you will receive after the evaluation of your home. Stephen will then speak about renewable technologies and how they fit in your journey to be more resilient from grid outages and weather related black outs. Stephen will also highlight the various grant and loan programs on the market. No matter where you are in your retrofit journey, you will learn something from Stephen’s presentation. Questions will be fielded after the presentation.

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What is Mass Timber with Tim Buhler from the Canadian Wood Council

What is Mass Timber? Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. This informal presentation will cover the types of mass timber, where and how it can be used in the built environment and where you can get it in Canada. Join the Canadian Wood Council’s Tim Buhler for this informative session on material that is changing the way we build. Tim will examine the environmental impacts of Mass Timber, and how it can be a viable solution to combat climate change in the built environment. He will also outline how some countries are already taking action in this sector and how Canada could potentially be a world leader. There will be time for questions after the presentation.

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Building Resilience: An intro to Passive Homes with Chris Weissflog

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. The most commonly encountered difficulty homeowners face is getting by when power is lost for short or extended periods. Other difficulties could be access to food or heating fuel. By far, the optimal pathway to resilience is with a home that is super-efficient; one that requires minimal energy to maintain health and comfort. Done right, maintaining operation during a power outage in hot humid or cold dry weather can be done in many ways, some of which are very inexpensive. Join EcoGen’s Chris Weissflog as he illustrates how Passive homes are being built now with environmentally friendly materials, extremely efficient, and are very resilient in many ways, but also cost-competitive with non-Passive construction techniques.

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